Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Final Countdown...

Well, I got my suitcase, it's not packed, but it IS sitting in my living room waiting to be filled with kitchen appliences, yogini clothes, notebooks, bathingsuits, a puppy or two and possibly my favorite man...oh wait. In just a few short days, I am leaving my very comfortable and very happy life in West Philadelphia for 9 weeks to meditate, concentrate and become a better version of myself, unfortantely my two precious puppies and my adorable boyfriend have to stay home and make sure I have a comfy bed to crash in on June 21! A little over two years ago I committed myself to health and happiness and in my quest I found Bikram Yoga. The love affair was instant. Bikram Yoga has brought me peace, it has brought me health (stronger bones YEY!) and most luckily, it has brought me the love of my life! Now, with the love and support of friends and family, I'm dedicating myself to Bikram's 9 week boot camp so that I can share my knowledge and peace with others. For now, I can only share my expierence. This is my journey! Countdown: 7 days until I say good bye to My Love... 8 days until I say good bye to My home... 12 days until I say good bye to the East Coast... You can read all about Bikram Yoga and the training at BikramYoga.com!!!!

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  1. Im following the quest for a better version of you Molls, but quite honestly I think you are pretty damn great already. Love you lots xx