Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good Byes...

So it's started... I'm officially packed. My huge suitcase is stuffed to it's max and the bad news is, Alex is not in it, Stella...nope, Violet...she couldn't fit. I leave in 3 days, Sunday marks the beginning of my journey, but to be honest with you I think the hard part is over. Saying goodbye to Norristown High School, my students and my friends made for a lot of mixed emotions, but saying goodbye to Alex, made for only one. The tears just can't stop coming. I am so unbelievably grateful to have made a life for myself that is comprised of a man and a home that will support me and encourage me and wait for me while I work towards fulfilling my dreams, but I don't want to go. Hahahah just kidding of course...well kinda. Life is so good, I love being home, cuddling with my man and my puppies, cooking amazing dinners, going for long walks, laughing until it hurts and just being. I am going to miss that so incredibly much...the good news of course, this is only two months!

To leave what you are used to and comfortable with is a challenge. Don't ever think it isn't. I think about my sister, who has left the world she knew to live across the ocean with the man that she loves, I can't imagine how difficult it must be for her to miss her family, but she is doing what is best for her, same with Zena, my loves' brother's girl, who has recently packed up her life, jumped ponds and joined Gregory in New York. Leaving your comfort is hard, but living with out adventure and dreams is harder. I can't imagine not doing this for myself, and I am so proud that in 3 days, I will board a plane and join 440 other people who are taking a risk and diving right into a new life!

So anyway....suit case is packed....I've got yoga shorts and tops galore, a kettle, enough sweatpants and yoga pants to last a life time, three pairs of jeans, several dresses (one reserved for my sisters' wedding shower...Yey I get to come home for a night!!!!) pictures of home, tiger balm, water bottles, yoga matts, slippers, my blanky, a computer, camera, cell phone and chargers and anything else I could fit! The next few days will involve picking up some final items, a yoga class (probably just one, I'm taking it easy!) and a day of pure pampering...massage and hair cut. Man...I miss home already!!!!!

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