Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 6--- sleep, the good stuff

So I knew it was coming, I anticipated it for a long time, I stressed, I got excited, I got nervous, I got excited and then it came...but I'll talk about that later...

Real quick, I'll run down some high lights of week six INSIDE the bubble. Week six was a tough one, ya kow, 11 yoga classes in 6 days, little bits of sleep, lots of bits of studying and this week we had double posture clinics, which meant the pressure just seemed to be on, you could tell, people weren't quite as 'friendly' as they were on weeks 1-5 and everyone just kind of seemed to be in their own worlds mumbling to them selves "flex your left foot, forehead on knee, maximum pressure, you can mess with the Gods..." Bikram's dialogue,the prescription for teaching this yoga was the ONLY thing on everyones minds, but then some magical things happened this week that brought the fun back to YOGA.
Posture clinics, although more intense, they also were focused on bringing out each individuals personalities into teaching. We saw people dancing, people imitating Texans, Elaine from Sienfield, Screaming, doing jumping jacks and "throwing 'ish down" as they had to deliver cobra pose as a Gangsta...yup that's me, the Gangsta of Bikram yoga, don't mess with me in the hot room, just lock your knee! But still, study study study, we all had that exhausted look you get the day before a final exam, all five days this week.

But then Leo came, he showed up from Philadelphia, and he brought home to us. Leo was Leo in LA, same ole guy, and he even got to teach a class! It was amazing, it was exactly what we needed on the Friday of Week Six, we needed a lot a love and Leo brought it! If you don't know who the heck I'm talking about check out and for schedules and go take one of his classes! It will make you want to come back for more, and it's really the only way you can really understand happiness inside a room that is 105 minimum degrees!

Friday night also brought a lot of goodness in an otherwise tense week. I'm not going to go to much into detail, because I hope that some of you reading have just decided to take the plunge into TT and are doing what I did, which was read and read and read all the blogs out there about Bikram Yoga Teacher training, but I will tell you, that one night in week six, most likely a Friday night, the Bikram teachers will announce that it's Fashion week and they will commence it with a 'party' in the hot room.

After a much welcomed class taught by Bikram's assistant Judes, who rocked our worlds and followed up Leo's morning class beautifully, I was in a mad dash to catch the Red Eye back to Philadelphia. My one and only sister's wedding shower was Saturday and I, being the MOH, was on my way! The shower was a complete success and I was so happy to be part of the celebration of my sister. She found the man of her dreams, he found his woman and now we get to watch as they journey into husband and wife. Besides the shower I got to do three other things that brought me bliss. 1. Dive into a cuddle puddle of small dogs 2. talk to, hug, snuggle and enjoy my Alex, who is SO much better live than via skype! and 3. SLEEP...can I tell you about sleep, holy moley it was a glorious, deep, drouling, snoring, wake up not knowing which way is up kinda sleep that I kept falling into. I slept on the plane and dreamt about teaching Yoga, I slept in my bed and dreamt about the days I get to sleep there again, night after night after night, I slept on my couch with the hum of TV and dogs playing and Alex sipping coffee and I fell in love with being home, and then...I fell asleep on the plane back to LA. I was out before the plane even took off. I didn't have time to be super sad about leaving home, I was to busy catching my zzzzz's.

Now that I'm back, I'm sad and happy at the same time, sad to be missing home, happy to be back with my new 430 yogi friends, excited to see who is teaching this week and what surprises they have in store for us, and tired, so tired that I cant write any more...So peace and love, I'm outta here! See you next Sunday!

So much love to you all...

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