Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week three--study study study

1/3 rd DONE!!!!!!! Time really does fly when you are Week three and we are in it, there is no turning back, no getting out, no running and hiding under the bed, I'm not sure if I would want to go under there anyway.

So week three was FAST, I woke up on Monday and before I knew it it was Friday and I only had three more classes to go. This week we got a taste of what life in the yoga bubble was really like. It's all about managing time, finding joy in simplicity and study study study, deliver deliver deliver. Each day we had two yoga classes, of course, an anatomy lecture and a posture clinic. The amount that our bodies are absorbing and digesting every day is amazing. Our muscles, including that big one on top of our necks, are working so incredibly hard. Two yoga classes a day, memorizing and input of all of the systems of the body needless to say our bodies and minds are both tired and energized, sore and strengthened, re-aligning and re-configuring. I don't want to bore you with too much yoga talk. All I can say is this is an experience, I want to enjoy and celebrate each moment here, but I also want to store and remember it forever. I figured this week I would give you a little bit of the daily run down, the emotional roller coaster that we call a week!

Monday-- Ahhhh Monday, it's been almost 30 hour since I've entered the hot room and I'm ready for it...bring it on baby I got enough in me for at least 11 yoga classes this week!

Of course, this past Monday was a special one, Alex was here, he practiced with me, I was able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with him and he brought the feeling of home with him to sunny Cali, but Monday was his last day here, so although I wanted to enjoy every second of him, I couldn't help but be a bit bitter knowing that when I came out of my late night lecture, he would be aboard a flight to Philadelphia and room 922 would just be a little less like home...what do we say, "Home is where you are?" :)

Back to the week...

Tuesday: Oh snap...I have to memorize how many postures this week? And you want posture clinic to start what time? One hour earlier? Errr...Ummmm....I think I'm just going to take this yoga class and deal with the stress of yoga life later. Sounds strange right, stress inside the bubble....relief to the stress: living in the moment, coming to the full expression of the asana and holding it in stillness. You can't worry about later, falling or how you did yesterday. Yoga is now. So Tuesday.... ' Don't worry...bout a thing... cause every little thing's gonna be all right..'

Wednesday: Wednesday ALREADY!!!!! Yes! This is the best news, we are half way through the week!!!! Wednesday I wake up happy, and then I take a class...whoa momma, did someone turn the heat on in here? Am I supposed to be sweating this much? Did I sign up for this? Yes, yes, yes and YES!!!! Mid week and every body steps up their game, classes get harder, bodies get sorer and oh, wait, I haven't seen the sun yet this week. Wednesday I remember there is life out side the bubble and I have to get a taste of that sweet sweet California sunshine

Thursday: Oh Thursday how I dislike you, I mean really, you are the hardest day of the week. Probably because your not Friday. But for some reason, each week I think to myself, this is it almost there, I've almost made and then you kill me. You hurt me, you make me tired, but of course I survive you and so I love you. The only way to cure the pain is to feel the pain, so thank you Thursday I FEEL YOU!!!!

Friday: ' I got love darlin' love sweet love darlin'" Friday's are amazing. The mood is so high, the yoga is fabulous and I feel on top of the world! I am on top of the world. At this point of the week I have done 10 yoga classes, met at least 20 new people and found out one thing new about myself. Friday's help me remember how proud I am of myself, and every other person in the world who take leaps of faith in doing something they believe in.

And Saturday--Sunday---weekend LOVE! This is the time we feel the effects of the yoga, we are kind to one another, we sit in hotel rooms and celebrate strangers ( my birthday this weekend) we make yummy healthy meals in hotel bathrooms and share stories and experiences. This is the time when we get to know one another. Weekends are the times when roommates go on adventures and laugh uncontrollably while studying anatomy or stumbling out of the best massages of our lives like we are half drunk. We nap, we sunbathe, we feel all the good effects of working so hard and we wonder how we will ever go back to practicing one time a day....oh wait, I know how.

I'll be home enjoying everything else that is Yoga. The yoga that is cuddling on the couch, walking my puppies, coffee in clark park, Vietnam Cafe, making Kimchi and Tom Yum and sharing it with my man at a DINNER TABLE! The yoga that is cleaning the baseboards and making the bed, sitting across the counter from my mother as she cleans and cleans and cleans out the streaks at the bottom of the sink while planning wedding showers. The yoga that is skype dates with my sister, and Monday checkin's with Amy. I think that I will manage just fine when I get fact I know I will, I will manage even better after doing 9 weeks of Yoga Living!

So what's in store for this week...I turn 27 in the hot room. I take a test, I recite dialogue, I study, I stay up late, I do yoga, I drink lots of water, and I eat and all the rest that happens in between....

See you next week...Namaste

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