Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week Two---the honey moon is over

So I think of my days here, or weeks here as one long continuous day with a few naps here and there. Week two was hard, physically, but also really quite amazing. I already know that I can never imagine really doing less yoga than I am doing right now. It feels so good! Just don't ask me about yoga on a thursday morning, when I still have 5 more classes to take before the weekend, because as good as I may feel, the long continuous day gets tiring annnnd it hurts a little.

I figured this week I would give you a bit more insight of what a day in my life looks like and also tell you a bit about the special visit I got this week too!!!!!! Monday morning my alarm goes off, 6:45, I eat a hearty meal, and drink lots of water and top it off with a dose of electrolytes, I then spend a fair amount of time, getting ice, studying, picking out cute yoga clothes and trying to write an e-mail or do something that prepares me to enter the real world again in 7 weeks! At 7:50 I head to the 2nd floor of the Radisson, where the yogi's have taken over. I spend the next two hours yogaing, morning classes are a great wake up call and I learned last night, a great way to warm up synovial fluid in your joints aka MORE FLEXIBILITY!!!! Then it's hydration time, me and 430 other yogis cram the elevators, sweaty and half naked. In my room, I shower, make lunch and study again, before posture clinic. I prepare myself for 6 hours of rehearsing, learning, and stretching in lecture, dialogue clinics and another yoga class. The 5:00 yoga class is my favorite, after sitting in lecture for a while, it feels so good to get warmed up.....thank you hot yoga for turning synovial fluid from honey to water two times a day!!! (that's a good thing if you were wondering) I am learning Anatomy here too!!! Then dinner time, stuff my face time, get it all in because who knows what time I'll hit the bed. Night time lectures are a bit of a mystery, so we prepare our selves for long nights of yoga talk, anatomy talk, and bollywood movies. Lots of water bottles to pack, we have the fear of dehydration instilled in us, you know who the yogi is by the gigantic bottle of water they are toting around EVERYWHERE they go. "let's run to the bathroom," "Ok, let me just fill up my water bottle quick" And then after a full day of yoga, lecture, yoga lecture, it's a meeting with my bed. Just a quick meeting, maybe 3 hours, maybe 5 before it all starts again. The continuous day doesn't end until Saturday at 10, and oh my god does 10:15 Saturday morning feel good!

I know, I know, I promised to write about the surprise visit I had this weekend, but I'm out of time...yoga is calling my name! So I'll just give you a hint, he's my favorite person, I met him in the hot room and he came to spend 3 days taking care of his girl! Thank you Alex (oops, I let it slip) for coming out and making this weekend so special. Loveeeeee you!

Much love to you all, see you next week!


  1. This is the sort of writing that makes my heart sing! great stuff, sweet earnest lovely GREAT stuff here, kiddo! How lucky we are to know you!!!

  2. Ohhh, thanks Andi. I'm very lucky to know your family too, especially since it's the family of my absolute favorite person in the world! I can't wait to get back home and tell you all my stories in person, and cuddle those pups!!!! I heard you have a new love affair with Violet....she is pretty stinkin' sweet! Keep reading! I love having readers!!!!