Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week four--- I'm full!

So 11:21 pm Sunday night and my brain is officially full, there is no more room in there I swear. I was born with a specific amount of brain cells, and I'm pretty sure 99.5% of them are occupied with a bit of knowledge, which only is leaving me with a bit left to write this post. So if week four is sparse, I apologize. Just wait...if you are ever thinking of making you way out here, you will see, or for those of you who have paved the way before me, you know.
Highlights of week four:
Best Yoga Yet--the room was H--O--T, and the teachers were amazing. I won't go into to much detail, but I will tell you that week four started off with a bang when John Salvatorie stepped onto the podium and not only cooked us until we were done, but he made us enjoy every second of it. THANK YOU JOHN! I want to take your class every day for the rest of my life AAAAMMMAAAZZZING. But it didn't end there, I mean it would be pretty disappointing if the week climaxed on Monday at 8:00 am. So more great yoga: Wednesday night, Rajashree killed us gently, Thursday brought us Bikram and man there was nothing gentle about that, and Friday brought us pure perfection. Ida from Canada in the morning, brought us great energy and perfect dialogue, and Juan a special surprise in the evening brought me back to life after feeling kinda sickly. I love Juan's class, his first breathing is perfection and he maintains a fun, funny, fast and fierce class for 90 precise minutes!

Saturday night-- Friday afternoon I fell asleep in lecture. This isn't strange for me anymore, I fall asleep everywhere. If you give me thirty seconds, I WILL take advantage of it by catching up on some zzzz's so, during Dr. P's anatomy lesson, I dozed, I didn't mean to, I love his lectures they are funny, and truth be told I'm a nerd and I like to learn about the human body BUT there was a lull and I fell asleep, I woke up from my cat nap SICK! No, this isn't the highlight, but my sickness led me to feeling pretty miserable Friday night and Saturday afternoon, so I was forced to take it easy. I said no to studying dialogue, no to studying anatomy, and no to a night out on the town. But I did say yes to one thing, a date with my bed and the TV. I haven't watched TV since I have been here, I haven't even really wanted to but Saturday night, I crawled into bed around 8 and watched bits and pieces of of "The Bucket List" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and I think maybe one more, but I can't remember. Can I tell you? Man did it feel good to totally veg out, to give my mind and my body a break, to not think, not do, just BE! Mmmmm....makes me want to go to bed right now! Good thing after this post, it's the only thing left for me to do tonight!

And the last and final highlight: SUNDAY: Sunday was a perfect day in the yoga bubble. I woke up feeling better and pretty well rested, I packed up my study materials and headed to the pool. I spent ALLLLLLLL day out in the California sunshine studying dialogue with friends and strangers, chatting with MARTINA ( a teacher from Philly, now living in San Diego) who came to visit for a few hours, and soaking in sunshine. I was able to learn 3 postures, study all 5 systems of the human body and still get a bit of gossiping and giggling in, and ummm I worked on my golden sheen too....I'm still pretty pale though, after learning anatomy for two weeks, I don't want to do ANYTHING that might hurt this body of mine, it's working pretty hard for me, so I need to work pretty hard for it too! Return the favor right? But the BEST part of Sunday was my last chat session with Alex. It was like I was home, sitting right next to him as we were both brought to tears with laughter. I was locked out of my room and sitting in the hallway as I didn't even try to hide my snorts, tears and squeals as I laughed and laughed as only he and I do. I don't even know what it was, or how it got started, but laughing until it hurts is the absolute best way to end a weekend. Thanks babe! Even from thousands of miles away, you still seem to be the highlight of my days!

I was going to tell you some of the not so highlights, but because I want to focus on the positive I will only briefly mention some of the few. But remember it takes 43 muscles to frown and only 3 to smile and with all this yoga, I need to conserve my energy...I choose SMILE!

--late nights in hard chairs equal exhaustion
-- exhaustion = missing home
-- having a cold= missing home
ummmm....that's it...not to bad!

Well folks, I gotta get to bed. Tomorrow starts week five and I hear it's a dusey ( I have no idea how to spell that) not to mention, tonight is probably my last chance for 5 hours of sleep until next Saturday! Ahhhhh focus on the presents people, if you worry about what's coming later or what happened earlier you will only create anxiety and fear. Instead, live in the now, I am here, I am comfortable, I am breathing, I am happy! Say it with me now.... or don't, just think about it....Good night. So much love to you all!


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  1. I am missing my favorite yogi with all my being! Loved this post and have to say your weekly updates are my Monday MORNING Highlight!!! Now get to bed and meet week five with a fury! xoxox